Laser Assisted Hatching Pune

A developing embryo must ‘hatch’ out of its outer membrane (zona pellucida) before it attaches itself to the uterus. During the cleavage of an embryo its outer membrane hardens in order to keep the cells in the egg together. Removing the eggs from its natural environment for assisted fertilization techniques like IVF and ICSI hardens the outer shell faster than those of normally fertilised eggs. Some embryos have a thicker shell that may decrease their ability to implant. This is commonly seen in women over age of 37 yrs.

Young women with high levels of FSH also have a tendency to produce eggs with thick membranes. Assisted hatching is a scientific technique that improves the implantation of embryos into the uterine lining, by creating an opening through which the embryo can hatch out. There are different ways to do this, with mechanical means, with the help of acids or with laser. Laser assisted hatching is the most advanced and popular method used nowadays as it is a gentle and safe method of assisted hatching. After laser assisted hatching, the embryo is reposed in the uterus where it implants itself into the uterine lining and follows normal growth and development. Silverberries known IVF centre in Pune have experts in Fertility Treatment

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