Embryo Donation Pune

Embryo donation is a well-established and successful form of assisted conception treatment. Embryo donation is usually less expensive and has fewer medical complications as compared to In-vitro fertilisation (IVF). The success of embryo donation compares favorably with egg donation. It is important that both the donor and recipient couples be adequately counselled, screened and made aware of the psychological, moral and legal implications before they accept this conception treatment.

Embryo donation is recommended in the following cases:

  • When both partners are infertile
  • The woman has a uterus but her ovaries do not produce eggs due to premature menopause
  • Women whose ovaries were damaged by chemotherapy or radiotherapy for cancer
  • Women who are born without functioning ovaries
  • Women whose ovaries are resistant to stimulation by the pituitary hormones, so-called ‘resistant ovarian syndrome’
  • The husband has either a very poor sperm or no sperm in his ejaculate
  • Couples who are at a high risk of passing on genetic disorders to their offspring
  • Couples with recurrent pregnancy loss due to chromosomal abnormalities
  • Women with recurrent IVF failures
  • Older women who have poorly functioning ovaries and whose chances of conceiving by using their own eggs are slim

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