TAccording to the fertility clinic in Pune there are many factors that contribute to the success rate of IVF. These may include the number of cycles, technology used, efficiency of the clinic as well as certain individual factors that vary from person to person. The age of the woman is one of the most important personal factors during IVF.

Younger women have higher chances of IVF success since old age lowers the quality and quantity of a woman’s eggs. The success rate of IVF declines as women age, specifically after the mid 30s. Therefore, if you have been trying to conceive for a long time, it is advisable to visit a doctor of IVF clinic in Pune (Silverberries) without much delay. Ideally, one must seek medical help after 1 year of trying to conceive without success but after 35 you should not wait for more than 6 months of ovaries.

Ovaries age at a different pace for every woman. Some tests can definitely help you to determine your ovarian reserve and alternatively your success rate. However, age is not the only determiner of your personal chances of successful IVF. For more information visit IVF centre in Pune.

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