Are IVF treatments painful? An honest answer from IVF specialist in Pune.

Most women fear IVF treatments because they believe it would be extremely painful. However, IVF treatments are not as painful as you imagine; in fact IVF treatments cause minimal pain. Let’s examine why IVF treatments come across as painful.

The first reason why IVF is considered painful could be due to the injections needed to prepare your body for the first stage: egg harvesting. However, the needles used are small and are like normal injections, so the pain is very minimal. These injections can be compared to the almost painless insulin shots diabetic patients have to take regularly.

The next potential source of pain can be when the eggs start to develop, causing the ovaries to enlarge, leading to a slightly uncomfortable bloating sensation. However this discomfort can be easily tolerated by almost all women.

The third reason why IVF treatments may seem painful might be because of the egg retrieval procedure. Since the eggs are retrieved using a needle, most women believe this procedure to be painful. But thanks to advancements in science, this procedure is done under anesthesia and involves zero pain. A few days after the eggs are retrieved, the embryos are transferred back into the uterus. This procedure too is painless. It might just cause slight discomfort, similar to that of a pap smear.

After the egg retrieval, the patients begin taking progesterone injections. Since whole these injections are oil-based, the needle is larger and might cause more pain. However, the good news is that these injections can be avoided altogether, and other alternative pain-free, non-injection methods of taking progesterone doses (through vaginal creme or vaginal suppositories) can also be considered. So in brief, IVF treatments cause minimal pain. And faced with the happy prospect of holding your own baby in 9 months, even the minimal discomfort of IVF treatments is a price you’d willingly pay. For IVF treatment visit fertility centre in Pune, Silverberries.

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