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Success Milestones

Success Milestones

With over 18 years - 20 years of cumulative experience and successful medical practice in UK and Germany; Dr. Deepali Chinchole and Dr. Vivek Chinchole together started Silverberries IVF and Fertility Clinic in Pune with the vision to give infertile couples the most cherished possession of their lives – a child of their own.

Each of them has highly credible accomplishments in the field of IVF and other fertility treatments. Dr. Deepali Chinchole is credited with the first test tube in Buldhana.

The Silverberries IVF Programme run by Dr. Deepali Chinchole uses a highly reliable Progressive Fine Tuning methodology along with top notch technologies at par with the best in the world, and has achieved a remarkable success rate that doubles the chances of conception. Due to its high success rate, Silverberries IVF Programme has crossed the notable milestone of a thousand successful conceptions and has achieved to be the best IVF treatment center in Pune.

Key Doctors

Key Doctors

Two eminent IVF specialists in Pune, Dr. Deepali Chinchole and Dr. Vivek Chinchole lead the Silverberries IVF medical team comprising of other key doctors.

Dr. Deepali Chinchole

Dr. Deepali Chinchole is credited with the first test tube baby in Buldhana and runs a fertility treatment centre at Buldhana also.

Dr. Vivek Chinchole

Dr. Vivek Chinchole is a Gynaecologist, extensively trained for laproscopy in Germany. He has 10 years of experience in fertility enhancing and routine gynaecological laproscopies. Dr. Vivek and Dr. Deepali Chinchole are Directors at the Vasantprabha Multispeciality Hospital and Test-tube Baby Centre.

Dr.Vishal Wadekar

Dr.Vishal Wadekar is a Clinical Embryologist. Expert in all aspects of clinical embryology, ICSI, IVF, Andrology, and Vitrification.


‘It was a good session and provided us the procedure knowledge. The content was good’
– Prashant and Swati”

‘Very interesting session’
-Leena Raskar

‘It was good. Given good information in few minutes.’ Very good. It clarifies most of the things I was not aware of.’
-Amrita and Amar Loni

‘Very very excellent’.
-Ashish and Jyoti Patidar

‘Excellent and very informative’.
– Bhakti and Gautam Cheddha

Silverberries IVF and Fertility Clinic specialises in assisted reproductive techniques like IVF and associated infertility treatment in Pune. We provide comprehensive treatment options for both male and female infertility problems, with caring emotional support to all our patients in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Our Progressive Fine Tuning methodology doubles the chances of conception, bringing a beacon of hope to many couples who almost give up their dreams of having a child after repeated failures to cure infertility.

In our 18 years - 20 years of experience, expertise and research, we have offered solutions to numerous women with pregnancy problems and helped over a thousand couples experience the overwhelming joy of parenthood. We pride ourselves for constantly going that extra mile to offer fertility treatments along with psychological counselling that helps you overcome the intense emotional stress caused by infertility problems.

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