1. What are the IVF clinic’s statistics? IVF clinic statistics change from year to year, depending on the number of cycles that are performed.
  2. What affects the success rates at IVF clinics in Pune? Success rates at any IVF clinic in Pune are affected by different factors including:
    • The quality of eggs (largely related to the woman’s age)
    • The quality of sperm (including motility and ability to penetrate the egg)
    • The skill and competence of the IVF clinic team
    • The general health of the woman
    • Genetic factors
  3. What’s the take-home baby rate of the IVF clinic? While this is an important question, keep in mind that the “take home baby rate” may be more related to a patient’s age and health condition than to specific factors at the IVF clinic.
  4. What’s the implantation rate of the IVF clinic in Pune?
    Implantation rate is calculated as clinical pregnancy rate divided by the number of embryos transferred. These statistics remove the bias of IVF clinics that transfer large numbers of embryos.
  5. What are your chances of getting pregnant? When thinking of how to choose an IVF clinic, you also need to think in terms of “what are my personal chances of a pregnancy” as opposed to focusing only on the IVF clinic’s reported success rates. How can you find this out? See a infertility specialist  in Pune and ask! They can perform a thorough medical evaluation to let you know your chances of success with IVF. For more information on IVF and fertility treatments, visit www.silverberriesivf.com Session Agenda The session will cover the following topics:
    • Basics of conception with diagrams
    • Reasons and causes of infertility
    • Diagnostic investigations to determine causes of infertility

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