1. IVF treatment is the only option to cure infertility -False. There are many infertility treatments apart from IVF such as ovulation induction, IUI, assisted hatching, etc. Many of these treatments are suggested first, and IVF is generally the last treatment option. Silverberries, IVF specialist in Pune always recommend to consult a doctor before considering any treatment and explore all your options.
  2. You have no control over your IVF treatment. –False. To some extent, you can control how well your IVF treatment performs, by taking care of these few points below, before you begin the treatment.
    1. Uterine analysis test: Get your uterine cavity evaluated to look for fibroids, scar tissue, or polyps, which could prevent implantation during the IVF treatment.
    2. Check your fallopian tubes: Are they clear, without fluids? Fluid in the fallopian tubes could reduce the IVF success rate by about 50 percent. In case fluid is present, necessary steps, such as blocking the tubes or removing them, could be taken before starting the treatment.
    3. Make sure you have enough eggs: The success of IVF depends a great deal on a good reserve of eggs. There are two tests which can help estimate the eggs in the ovary: blood tests given on the 2nd or 3rd day of your cycle and an ultrasound can determine an actual follicle count.
    4. Your husband’s sperm should be adequate: Get a sperm analysis done in the lab which is conducting the IVF treatment. That way, the quality of the sperm can be compared with what is needed for IVF success.
    5. Check your lifestyle habits: Unconsciously, some of your lifestyle habits such as diet, exercise, other medication, smoking and drinking habits could negatively impact your IVF treatment. Discuss this in detail with your doctor.
  3. Complete bed-rest is required after IVF treatment. False. You can resume all normal activity right after your IVF treatment in Pune. The only important thing is to make sure you don’t over-do anything. Practice moderation in
    to the problem in another 20 percent. Make sure you get yourself and your partner thoroughly evaluated before jumping or letting others jump to conclusions.
  4. Infertility is caused by stress. ‘You just need to relax and you will conceive.’ False. Studies claim that in most cases, about 80%-85% of the time, doctors diagnoses a medical factor responsible for infertility, which no amount of relaxation could have prevented. Of course, that said, getting stressed out is not healthy for the body on the whole, and it could impact your health. But it cannot be the sole reason for infertility.

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